Who's who

Expert group


Review and complete, as appropriate and in their area of expertise, draft position papers and review documents prepared by the Core group


The expert group is constituted of scientists with considerable experience in the follow-up of the health consequences of the Chernobyl accident and representing the essential complementary disciplines: epidemiology, radiation biology, medicine (in particular endocrinology), dosimetry, pathology:

  • Keith Baverstock, University of Kuopio, Finland (radiobiology and public health)

  • Elisabeth Cardis, CREAL, Spain (epidemiology)

  • Vadim Chumak, Research Center for Radiation Medicine, AMS Ukraine (dosimetry)

  • June Crown, UK (public health)

  • Yuri Dubrova, University of Leicester, UK (genetics)

  • Yuri Demidchik, Minsk Medical University, Belarus (thyroid treatment)

  • Victor Ivanov, MRRC, Russia (epidemiology and risk assessment)

  • Ausrele Kesminiene,  IARC, France (coordination, epidemiology and medicine)

  • Christoph Reiners, University Wurzburg, Germany (thyroid treatment)

  • Margot Tirmarche, IRSN, France (epidemiology)

  • Klaus Trott, UK , University College, London, UK (medicine)

  • Dillwyn Williams, University of Cambridge, UK (pathology and mechanism of cancer)